SBClient Question – Apply Logout Script to SBCLIENT


I was wondering if anyone has already done this and care to share the
results. I have been given the following task:

–         Create script that will close out SBCLIENT session and
not prompt end-user to save changes to session

–         * There is a slot in SBLCLIENT that allows custom scripts,
but we have not been able to provide the proper syntax
to get this to work

–         – Problem on Terminal Server that keeps the session active
even though the end-user closed out the session from
Terminal Server


Angelo Collazo
System Administrator


From  within  SBServer, you can CALL TU.SESSION.CLOSE(“”) from an exit
verb which will close the session without a dialog.

Or a script:

Script Name: logout_script

Trigger String: script_started

Trigger Response: [exit_session(265)][script_end()]

Assign  this  script  to  your  logout  script in the setup menu. This
script  apparently only works with the window close button or the file
exit  menu  and  so  you  probably  need to use both methods to always
suppress the close/save dialog box.

I’m  not  sure if either of these will clean up your sessions/licences
like SH.OFF (the normal logout method) does.

Cheers, Stuart