SQL Server Management Studio – tips for improving the TSQL coding process – Stack Overflow

[Origin]: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/101079/sql-server-management-studio-tips-for-improving-the-tsql-coding-process

community owned wiki Answer – feel free to edit or add comments:

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • F5CTRL + E or ALT + X – execute currently selected TSQL code
  • CTRL + R – show/hide Results Pane
  • CTRL + N – Open New Query Window
  • CTRL + L – Display query execution plan

Editing Shortcuts

  • CTRL + K + C and CTRL + K + U – comment/uncomment selected block of code (suggested by Unsliced)
  • CTRL + SHIFT + U and CTRL + SHIFT + L – changes selected text to UPPER/lower case
  • SHIFT + ALT + Selecting text – select/cut/copy/paste a rectangular block of text


Other Tips

  • Using comma prefix style (suggested by Cade Roux)
  • Using keyboard accelerators (suggested by kcrumley)

Useful Links


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