How to enter view-only mode when browsing Emacs source code from help?


When I browse Emacs help for functions via C-h f, I often want to peek into the Elisp/C implementation. I want to enter view-mode automatically when I access source code this way to avoid unnecessary modification. Is there a hook or function I can advise to accomplish this?

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I use the alternative approach which you can specify entirely in your init file (as opposed to creating a .dir-locals.el file), and I simply make the files read-only rather than using view-mode. My config looks like this:

;; Emacs
 '((nil . ((buffer-read-only . t)
           (show-trailing-whitespace . nil)
           (tab-width . 8)
           (eval . (whitespace-mode -1))))))

(dir-locals-set-directory-class "/usr/local/src/emacs" 'emacs)
(dir-locals-set-directory-class "/usr/local/share/emacs" 'emacs)
(dir-locals-set-directory-class "/usr/share/emacs" 'emacs)

Obviously you can do the same thing for your elpa directory, and any other directory which contains third-party source code.

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