XDocument or XmlDocument to JSON with C#

[Originally Posted By]: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26605493/xdocument-or-xmldocument-to-json-with-c-sharp

I have this XML which is great:

  <Product ProductCode="C1010" CategoryName="Coins" />
  <Product ProductCode="C1012" CategoryName="Coins" />
  <Product ProductCode="C1013" CategoryName="Coins" />

but it outputs to this JSON:


I would like no ‘Product’ sublevel in my json because all three lines are a product. This is my C# code:

//x is an XDocument. 
JsonConvert.SerializeXNode(x, Formatting.None, false)
//JsonConvert.SerializeXNode(x); //I also tried without the formatting and the boolean. 

When I ‘convert’ an XDocument to XmlDocument and use:

var xmlDocument = new System.Xml.XmlDocument();
using (var xmlReader = x.CreateReader())

It gives me exactly the same output. So how can I modify my JSON parsing such that I have a simple list of products. I prefer the cleanest solution.

To be perhaps a bit more clear, I’d something like this as output:


Use the method call

JsonConvert.SerializeXNode(x, Formatting.None, true);

this will omit the root node and should create what you expect.


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