Killing Unidata session (softly with STOPUDT)


Killing Unidata session (softly with STOPUDT)

A while back when Colleague UI was first introduced, users started to X’ing out of the web-browser to close the session instead of using the logout button. That resulted in many runaways processes that used up the small license pool we had. I learned to kill those sessions through the terminal as following:

Open Colleague Desktop UI terminal:

LISTUSER: this lists all active sessions

LISTUSER | findusername“: this finds a particular user’s active sessions with “username”

Kill the session by:

STOPUDT usrnbr(user number): kill the session using the user’s number, it’s the number on the second column after using LISTUSER

* Note: insert a bang (“!”) in front of LISTUSER or STOPUDT to use admin right if the commands don’t work

You can use LISTUSER to check to see if your process is still running or the screen has frozen. Many times I waited for a process for so long just to find out the session was disconnected.

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