How can I configure the Command Prompt to display French correctly?


Try “PowerShell ISE” not “PowerShell” – it understands UTF-8 and other character sets.

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You are seeing Ú instead of é


é is at code point 0xE9 in ISO 8859-1 Latin-1 (and several similar encodings)
Ú is at code point 0xE9 in code page 850

Therefore your application is emitting text using Latin-1 encoding. However your console is set for code page 850.


Using chcp to change the console encoding will, in conjunction with an appropriately encoded font, most likely solve the problem.

I can reproduce the problem and fix it by changing the command prompt properties to change the font from “Raster” to “Lucida Console”. The Raster fonts have what Microsoft refer to as an OEM encoding.



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Try changing the code page with the chcp command. For example:

C:\ chcp 1252

I say 1252 because this guy seemed to have success with it for displaying French characters.

If that works there is still another step because it is reset with every command prompt window. I haven’t tested this out but according to this site it will change the code page for all future command prompt windows.

Go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Nls\CodePage]
And change the "OEMCP" value to "1252"

chcp command found on

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