HOW TO: Send escalation email to only those destination users who have not completed a task

Let’s say you have a client event assigned to a role containing N people.  The succeeding rule is such that everyone must complete their task before the activity completes.  You want to send a reminder email to only those members of the role who have not completed their task after some amount of time but not bother those who have already completed.
You can do this easily!  Follow these simple steps:

  • Configure your client event as usual
  • On the activity, go into advanced mode for the destination rule and make the following changes:
    • Plan per destination | All at once
    • Create a slot for each destination
    • Resolve all roles and groups to users
  • Right-click on your event and set up your email escalation
  • On the Email Settings page, click Specify next to Recipient
  • Open the context browser for the To field, go to the Workflow Context Tab, and drill down into Activity Destination Instance and select the user email

That’s it!  Now only those members of the role who have not completed their task by the escalation time will receive an email.  A key thing to remember here is to use the Activity Destination Instance user and do not just click theDestination box for the To field.  If you click the destination option, an email will be sent to every member of the role, even if they have completed their task.
Keep in mind, the plan all at once option uses more server resources than plan just once, so if the number of slots is large then you probably should not use this technique.


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