Specific Wine Applications don’t have Internet Access


There is a solution suggested in this post: How to configure wine to install Evernote?, explained further here: instalar-evernote-en-linux (is in Spanish but it has a lot of images)

You could install playonlinux. Once PlayOnLinux is installed, goto manage wine versions, and install wine 1.4.1 32bit.

Then click install program -> install a non-listed program -> Install a program in a new virtual drive.

Give a name for your application virtual drive (“evernote” or whatever you like), then mark Use another version of wine and select the 1.4.1 that you’ve just installed. Kind of virtual drive I choose32bit windows installation.

Browse for the installer in your drive, wait for the installation to finish and close Evernote, so PlayOnLinux can notice that the installation has finished.

This works for Evernote_5.8.13.8152 in Ubuntu 15.04.

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